Qingdao  Braitway Energy Engineering Co.,Ltd is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. It has a history of 5 years now. The company has cooperated with many clients from all over the world, and has obtained consistently high praise from our customers since it was established.  

We adhere to QUALITY FIRST & CUSTOMER FIRST principle.  
- For design of every boiler, it must be approved by the design department, and 
  Then the Quality Bureau of China.  
- All the materials and parts must be 100% inspected and marked for in-coming inspection.  
- All materials and parts have special storage area according to conditions.  
- Automatic welding machine for membrane walls and spiral fin pipes.  
- 100% hydro test for welding parts.  
- 100% X-ray test for pressure parts.  
- 100% inspection and approval from Quality Bureau.  
- Strict and professional installation and commissioning supervision service.  
- Original calculation and technical documents and engineering drawings for customer approval at local and erection and      commissioning.  
- Quality guarantees to be paid after successful commissioning.  
- One year warranty. Or can be extended upon reasonable costs.  
- Low cost spare parts service.  
- Continuous and responsible after-sales service.  

- Sales revenue from zero to more than 2 MILLION a year.  
- Successful projects in biomass and energy-saving coal boilers.  
- Established good relationship with high class suppliers and customers.  
- Zero complaint from customer in the past 5 years.  
- Successful financial system to satisfy various customers.  

- New technology products for boiler and energy industry.  
- Professional service on export, consultant and projects.  
- Reliable quality and after-sales service and guarantee, proved by many customers.  
- Boiler and energy product design, manufacture and engineering
- Boiler components, accessories
- Service on energy projects and engineering
- Other energy-saving and environment friendly equipments for various industries