Steam Turbine-Condensing Impulse Type (N1.5-1.25)

Model NO.: N1.5-1.25

Generator Type: Alternator

Power: 1500kw

Output Type: AC Three Phase


Product Description

Basic Info

Model NO.: N1.5-1.25                                                       Generator Type: Alternator

Certification: CCC, ISO, TLC, CE                                         Control System: PLC Optional

Specification: SGS, CE, ASME                                            HS Code: 840613000

Power: 1500kw                                                                 Output Type: AC Three Phase

Transport Package: Exported Standard/According to Requirement; FCL


No.ItemsWorking parametersRemark
1Steam turbine typeN1.5-1.25
2Engine styleQ02
3Rated power1500KW
4Rated speed6500-1500r/min
5Critical speed3950r/min
6Intake pressure1.25mpaAbsolute pressure
7Intake temperature350ºC
8Steam intake capacity8.8t/h
9Steam consumption5.87kg/kw.h
10Exhaust pressure rated load 0.0103mpa
11Layout typeSingle layer
12Rotor structure1C 2 +7P
13Inlet/outlet diameter of main steam valve100/80×2mm
14Steam outlet diameter650 mm
15Weight of engine/rotor7.4/0.68t
16Max Weight for lifting 1.6 t
17Operation floor standard height0 m
18Height from engine center to operation floor1050 mm
19Jacking gearManual
20Coupling manner for engine and gear boxFlat tooth style coupling
21Coupling manner for gear box and Power generatorRigid coupling
22External dimension3650×2235×2112 mm
23Oil temperature for bearing  ≤65
24Noise  ≤80dB
25Shaft vibration guarantee value<0.03mm
26Circling cooling water temp ()Normal 27,Max.33
27Circulating water pressure0.3-0.4Mpa /gauge pressure
28Generator model1FC6 566-4LA40
29Generator output1500 KW
30Generator pressure400 V
31Environment temperature.VDE40ºC
34Power factor0.8(dragging)
35Generator efficiency94.7%
36Isolation classF/class
37Temperature rising classF/ class
38Wiring style3 phase 4 line
39Cooling mannerAir cooling
40Noise levelA weighted sound level

41External dimensionSee drawings

 Technical requirements

1.Steam turbine engine technical requirements1.Intake pressure        Mpa (g): 1.25
2.Intake temp.          ºC:     350
3.Condensing pressure    Mpa (a):<0.0103
4.Rated power           KW:    1500
5.Normal power         KW:    1500
6.Rated speed           r/min:  6500-1500
7.Normal speed         r/min:  6500-1500
8.Speed changing range :    80-105%
9.Rated steam consumption guarantee value:5.87 kg/kw.h
10. Noise guarantee value:    <85db
11. Shaft vibration guarantee value:  <0.03mm
12. Rotation direction:   See from generator side, counter clockwise
13. Circling cooling water temperature:  Normal 27ºC, Max. 33ºC

2.Driven motor(generator) parameter:1.Power:  normal 1500kw, rated 1500kw
2.Rotating speed: normal 1500r/min, rated 1500r/min
3.Speed changing range:  80-105%  
4.Driven motor (generator) model:1FC6 566-4LA40

3.Steam turbine engine1.Type: condensing impulse type
2.Model: N1.5-1.25
3.Design lifetime: 30 years.
4.Under designing condition, continuous running time will be no less than 8000 hours.
5.The steam turbine should satisfy the output and speed requirement of generator under various working conditions
6.The steam turbine engine is multiple valves regulation.
7.The layout type is single layer.





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