Sequence Chain Grate Boilers (35-130T/H)


Function:Hot Water Boiler or Steam Boiler

Optional Pressure:1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82/9.8

Burning Style:Scale Grate Layer Combustion                                         



Product Description

Basic Info.

Fuel:Coal-Fired                                                                                   Installation:Bulk Boiler

Structure:Water Tube                                                                         Media:Steam and Water

Water Circulation:Natural Circula tion                                               Drum Placement:Vertical or Horizontal

Pressure:Low Pressure                                                                        Manufacturing Level:AGas Flow Type:Fire Tube and Water Tube Control System:PLC                                                                            Optional Temperture:According to Requirement

Optional Fuel:Coal/Biomass/According to Requirement                         

Additional Info.

Packing:Exported Standard/According to Requirement; FCL

Standard:SGS, CE, ASME


Production Capacity:5000PCS/Year

Product Deacription

1. The boiler has monolayer arrangement, featuring the following advantages: 

    Compact structure, easy installation   and Operation, and low cost of boiler room, 

    which may save more than 40 per cent on     investment of boiler house.

2. The design of natural circulation convective heating surface for the boiler makes sufficient outgas, 

    low accident rate,and safe And reliable operation.

3. The design of cyclone reburning chamber in furnace resulted in the decrease of dust contained in 

    the flue gas. At the same time,Incandescent carbon black particles would be burnt further, 

    enhancing the boiler thermal efficiency, and decreasing gas blackness, as a Result, the gas emission               

    concentration meets the requirements of grade A environmental protection area. 

    The bigger diameter Ash particle of the flue gas are seperated from cyclone reburning chamber 

    simultaneously, decreasing the dust concentration Contained in the flue gas from convection bank, 

    reducing the erosion of convection heating surface, and improving the boiler life.

4. The grate uses the technology patent of scale-type fire bars, boundary grate and so on, 

    improving the operation reliability of the boiler.

5. Because of the sealed wind chamber, entering wind by both sides, 

    and the application of machining cone seal structure to grate Air register, 

    the sensitivity of the grate shall be improved, which is national protected technology patent.

6. The layering burning device and other energy saving equipments can be designed according to the 

    customers' requirements


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