Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP for boiler gas cleaning system)

Operation  Type: Automatic

Dust Collecting Method: Dry

Type: Electrostatic Precipitator




Product Description


1. Dust Collecting Method: Dry

2. Capacity: According to Requirements

3. Installation Method: Horizontal

4. Medium Material: Metal Fiber

5. Type: Electrostatic Precipitator

6. Trademark: BRAITWAY

7. Specification: CE/ASME/SGS

8. HS Code: 8421392100


1. Gas treatment capacity: m3/h, can be designed according to actual requirements from customers.
2. Normal flue gas temperature: 120-180ºC
3. Allowed max gas temperature: 250ºC
4. Allowed dust rate resistance: 104 -1011Ω/cm

5. Flue gas dew point: 60~65ºC
6. Dust concentration at flue gas inlet : <20
7. Dust concentration at flue gas outlet: <50 (mg/m3) , or to be designed according to requirements.
8. Controls: automatic control



1effective cross sectional area(m2)28
2Flue gas capacity(m3/h)36000
3Gas velocity through ESP(m/s)0.36
4Spacing between collecting plate(mm)400
5Length of electric field(m)2*3
6Number of passages10
7Type of corona wireBS wire
8Rows of corona wire10
10Rapping method of corona wiresFlexible arm
11Rapping method of collecting plateFlexible arm
12Type of collecting plateC480
13Rows of collecting plate11
14Total area of collecting plate(m2)840
15Effective height of collecting plate(m)7
16Treatment time(s)16.7
17Allowed pressure (Pa)+200~-5000
18Pressure drop(Pa)<300
19Allowed max flue gas temperature (ºC)250
20Dust concentration at flue gas inlet (g/m3)<20
21Dust concentration at flue gas outlet (mg/m3)<50
22Designed dust collecting efficiency99.5%
23High-voltage constant current power supply0.2A/100KV×2 sets



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