Biomass Steam Boiler

Model NO.:SHW/DHW 

Function: Steam Boilers



Packing:as Required or by Standard


Product Description



Basic Info.

Structure:Water Tube                                                     Media: Steam

Water Circulation:Natural Circulation                            Drum Placement:Horizontal Boiler                                         

Burning Style:Chamber Combustion Boiler                    Installation:Bulk Boiler                                          

Origin:China                                                                    Export Markets:Global                       


- STEP and RECIPROCATING GRATE for efficient and complete combustion of biomass fuel.

- Fuels can be wood chips, wood wastes, straws, shells or husks, etc.

- Special design combustion chamber and heating surfaces for high efficiency heat exchange.

- Thermal efficiency reaches more than 80%.


1.    Model: SHW25-2.5-T

2.    Rated evaporation capacity: 25t/h

3.    Rated saturated steam temperature: 226ºC

4.    Rated steam temperature: 2.5Mpa

5.    Rated feed water temperature: 105ºC

6.    Exhaust flue gas temperature: 154ºC

7.    Cold air temperature: 20ºC

8.    Excess air ratio: 1.65

9.    Hot air temperature: 120 ºC

10.  Design heat efficiency: 79.3%

11.  Combustion type: Reciprocating grate firing

12.  Heating surfaces:      

-        Radiation heating surface: 121 m2  

-        Convection heating surface: 510.3 m2 

-        Economizer: 193.2 m2

-        Air pre-heater: 292.6 m2 

-        Valid grate area: 28.4 m2

* Subject to final design.



1.    Moisture <15%.

2.    Size: <40X40X40mm3.

3.    Net calorific value: >2440Kcal/ Kg.

4.    Total fuel consumption: 7298kg/h. This may vary from actual conditions of wood material and operation conditions.



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